Happy 6th Anniversary to my practice! WOW 6 YEARS–This year I’m reflecting on the growth. It’s just amazing to see. I understand how I got here. I can feel all the hard work in my body, in my bones. One day I woke up and realized how far this practice has come. One day I turned around and seen people that I’ve worked with in middle school and high school that are now adults making their own way in life. It’s just fascinating.

I think one of the best rewards for me is that I can see my own personal growth alongside my clients. I had someone say to me in session: “You’ve gotten even better.” It was the most sincere and honest compliment. The kind that makes you take a step back and reflect.

This has always been my passion. But even still, you can only go as far as your life experiences. As I reflect on the many years I’ve spent talking with clients, long before I opened my practice –

I realize, I am now a grown woman.

I’ve always had the knowledge base of mental health but now I bring the woman who has lived the life. It has opened up a whole new level to what I can provide as a therapist.

It’s interesting when the psychology theories you’ve studied for many years and the woman you’ve become join together. It brings tears to my eyes because I don’t exactly know when that happened, it just did. These are tears of joy.

I have always had a passion for working with women and girls, but this has made it even more of my focus. We need to protect girls and women. Hear their stories. Cherish them – love them. I have finally wrapped the hug around my inner child. I forgave the young woman that didn’t know what I know now. I am free. At my practice, every day I reach back to help other women out of their traumas and strongholds.

There is so much depth now. And I just thank God. For growing me, giving me vision, and allowing me to support others.

Michelle Obama said in Becoming “It’s important to have a place that you know as your home. One place where people know you, they’ve seen you grow up. Where people don’t have to make up a story about who you are. It’s what keeps me grounded.”

Thank you to my family and my friends who have become family. This is exactly how you make me feel. And as this vision continues to grow and spread out beyond what I ever imagined; I realize this is what I will always need in my life.

To everyone I’ve worked with, I’m so proud of you! All the amazing things you are doing in your lives. To be a part of that has always been so special to me. Thank you for allowing me to hear your stories. Know that I am forever grateful for you.

Let’s keep pushing… Together!

Erin ❤️

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Erin M. Moss standing in front of front desk next to 6th anniversary balloon