Have you ever been so worked up that you began to panic? Maybe your heart started beating faster, your chest felt tighter or you were experiencing shortness of breath. This is likely an indication that you have reached your capacity – It’s time to stop whatever you are doing and take care of yourself.

Your body is telling you to slow down. Instead of pushing through this feeling and continuing to move forward with what you are doing, honor yourself instead. Treat yourself with compassion by providing yourself with the break you need.

Breathing exercises are a great way to immediately reduce symptoms of panic and anxiety. Start by finding a quiet area that you feel safe in. Then, ground yourself on something, this could be sitting in a chair or standing barefoot on the ground. Slowly start to take in deep breaths. Sometimes it also helps to close your eyes while breathing. Maybe you’re in an area where you aren’t able to be entirely alone. Closing your eyes could provide you a moment of separation from the things going on in your environment. If you are outdoors or near a window, it could be relaxing to keep your eyes open while you view the scenery. Rolling back your shoulders while you continue your breathing can help to reduce the tension that you are holding in your body. You’ll be okay. Just take your time and be present. Nothing else matters right now but you in this space ~

Erin’s 5 Minute Calming Technique

Pause wherever you are right now

Take a deep breath in slowly through your nose while counting to four

Feel the air rise up your chest like a balloon

Exhale slowly through your mouth – Again, counting to four as you release the air

Repeat four times

Finally, say to yourself: “ I can always find this space of peace inside of me”