Happy 5 Years to my practice! Wow! This past year has been a challenge for many businesses. Things you never expected happened. I’ve always taken pride in my practice, but this year takes on a whole new meaning. Even with all the challenges this year brought, I kept going. I kept evolving. And for that I’m proud.

Being a therapist during the pandemic felt like what I would imagine a soldier may feel. Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic including your health care providers. We have a duty to continue to serve the people as best as we can. This is what we trained for. This is the work we believe in. And through it all seeing your faces and being able to help is what brings us joy!

But I wasn’t alone –

God has been with me this entire time. Carrying me. Carrying you. I pray everyday before sessions. I pray for you. I pray for me.

So many stories this year that will forever be etched in my heart. Teens missing milestones- graduation and prom, lives lost to COVID, relationships put to the test in the quarantine. Fear of uncertainty- depression and anxiety. I take comfort that we aren’t alone in these feelings. There is something about the collective nature of this struggle that gives me peace.

Now is the time to support Mental Health. In the coming years we are going to continue to see an increased need for mental health services. Support programs and organizations providing this life saving work in your community. There is no room for stigma. Especially now. Encourage the people you love to get the help they deserve.

So what do we make of all this? So much to process. Well, I believe that out of darkness comes light. Sometimes the most challenging times in our lives is what grows us. It gets us to the place we needed to be. Remembering you made it through- you’re still making it through. We all are- together.

I find hope in this vaccine. I find peace in the new leadership of our country. I find strength in the Lord.

With tears in my eyes, I cannot articulate how proud I am of my practice this year! Not because things were perfect – because I made it. Because I’m still here